Uplifting the welfare of our community, while elevating the reputation of this industry, through cultivation with integrity.

Cannabis is our craft

Our grow team meticulously curates a selection of the world’s finest strains, ranging from industry classics to rare exotics.

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Best of Both Worlds

Our cannabis is grown in California’s storied Salinas Valley, known as the “Salad Bowl of the World” for its fertility and ideal climate.

Our Natural-Light Indoor grow harnesses these perfect conditions by using full environment-controlled structures that also utilize the natural sunlight, providing indoor quality cannabis at a great value. Getting the full spectrum results in healthier plants and flavor profiles that only Mother Nature can provide. Never using any harmful chemicals or pesticides, California Bud Co. passionately strives to offer an enjoyable and consistent experience.

Farm Fresh Flower

Our all-natural cannabis flower is cultivated with loving care and attention to detail. All our products are packed air-tight at the height of freshness in order to minimize handling and ensure product quality.

Offered in the following varieties: Farm Packed Eighth and Pre-rolled Eighth.

Artisan Extracts

Our all-natural flower is “juiced” by award winning artisans ensuring the purest and most flavorful extracts. Whether you prefer the portability of a vape cartridge, or the intense natural flavor of a dab, California Bud Co. provides a diverse product offering to satisfy you extract needs.

Offered in the following varieties: Half Gram Artisan Extract.

The Chief

Timeless class with modern convenience. Enjoy an authentic cannabis experience with a touch of elegance using our electronic pipe, “The Chief”. Compatible with any 5/10 thread extract cartridges.